Le réseau de Reims s’ouvre à tous les conducteurs de VE via GIREVE

French Reims networks opens to all EV drivers via Gireve

To promote alternative modes of transportations, charging stations have been installed in the Grand Reims community at the end of 2020.  

Charging stations have been installed by both the city of Reims and through an agreement with the SIEM (Syndicat Intercommunal des Energies de la Marne). 

10 charging stations have been implemented in Reims. In all Grand Reims, 68 charging stations are installed or planned (1 station = charging facility for 2 vehicles). 

Thanks to the connection to GIREVE, the network is now open to any eMSP (e-Mobility Operator) with a roaming agreement. EV drivers will be able to charge with a credit card on all chargers managed by Grand Reims or through their subscription to an e-Mobility Operator. The infrastructure is designed for standard EVs and is equipped with a semi-fast charging system delivering a maximum power of 22 kWh.  

“For several years now, we have chosen to diversify and intensify the range of alternative mobility services in the region, so that everyone can choose the most appropriate means of transportation for their travel. The deployment of an electric charging network is part of this dynamic. Connecting to GIREVE also gives users flexibility in the means of payment to make their experience as seamless as possible. Our connection to GIREVE was an obvious choice and we are very satisfied with the reliability of the platform and the responsiveness of the operational teams. “ 

Stéphane Humbert, direction de la Voirie, Communauté Urbaine du Grand Reims  


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