TE90 s'ouvre à l'itinérance avec GIREVE

French Network TE90 Opens To Roaming With Gireve

French Territoire d’énergie 90 comitted to an e-mobility policy on Belfort Territory, by implementing EV charging stations on parkings and commercial areas.

Due to fuel cost increase and its impact on environment, people are changing their attitudes towards EVs. In a recent barometer of e-mobility, 40% of French population say they are ready to go electric. This is why the French Syndicat TE90 involved in a charging network development program on its territory, implementing fast (7 to 22 kWh) to rapid (>22 kW) charging. 44 stations will be installed by 2019, representing 88 charging points.

The Syndicat chose to join roaming platform GIREVE to open its stations to e-mobility operators and enable any EV driver real time visibility of its network’s availability.

“We chose GIREVE to facilitate our network’s interoperability and make our charging points more visible” Séverine Levy, Communications Manager, TE90

The Belfort territory is close to Switzerland and in between Lyon and Strasbourg. The territory needs to have a strong network of charging infrastructures for local users to facilitate e-mobility.

By connecting to GIREVE’s platform, the TE90 enables users from nearby regions and countries to locate and access its charging point network.

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