L'entreprise catalane à forte croissance Etecnic s'est connectée à la plateforme GIREVE pour ouvrir son réseau à l'itinérance et proposer la recharge à de nouveaux utilisateurs.

The fast growing Catalan company Etecnic got connected to Gireve’s platform

The fast-growing Catalan company Etecnic got connected to GIREVE’s platform to open its network to roaming and offer charging to new users.  

Reworded as the 22nd fastest-growing company in Spain in 2020 by the national paper El Pais, Etecnic commercializes electric vehicle charging equipment and develop software for the intelligent management of electric vehicle charging named EVcharge. . This program manages electric energy in two directions (from the grid to the vehicles and from the vehicles to the grid), allowing the vehicles to transfer or obtain energy from the charge points according to the needs of the moment, allowing the management of the charges through mobile applications and placing the electric vehicle as the energy center of houses and buildings, helping to save electricity consumption and increasing the energy efficiency of the buildings.  

By connecting to the GIREVE’s platform, the company born in Tarragona will be able to open its 508 charging points to all users no matter their access means and will be able to grant access to a great number of charging points in Europe for their 10 000 users.   

“The connection to GIREVE platform is an important step in our development in order to open our network to new users and give more service to our users” Jorge Rios Cortés CEO at ETECNIC energy and mobility.  

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