GIREVE joins Electric Road 2021 as a partner

Facing EV charging challenges: Gireve’s training courses at Electric Road

GIREVE will join Electric Road fair in Bordeaux as a partner, exhibitor and speaker, from October 18 to 20. Meet us on stand n°C-0409, or take part in GIREVE’s following interventions:

Workshop on Mutualization, digitalization and on-street charging interoperability

  • Eric PLAQUET, CEO, GIREVE (moderator)
  • Yoann NUSSMBAUMER, CEO, Chargemap
  • Laurent FAVREAU, President, SYDEV
  • Jérome KRAVETZ, CEO, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Mobilités
  • Nicolas DUFRESNE, EVSE development Manager, Solutions 30

Street planning for EV charging integration should follow a same and unique scheme to meet the needs: individual cars managed by different operators, deliveries with various commercial vehicles, taxi services, self-service bikes, etc. How can this be organised?

CPO and eMSPs : the path to interoperability

Sophie Duval, Monday & Wednesday 2pm, Tuesday 9am

N° 2017-26 decree from 12th January 2017 made compulsory charging point interoperability, also called charging roaming, for charging stations with open access. Beyond the regulatory obligation, it is an opportunity for both eMSP and CPO to be able to create business relationships with all operators on the market. Achieving interoperability successfully requires a good understanding of legal obligations, of financial support systems available with Advenir programme, but also of actors, fees and other features of the ecosystem. This course will help newcomers understand how to get prepared to achieve interoperability. Join the session to exchange on contracts, invoices, quality follow-up, indicators, and much more!

How to achieve 15-118 standard (Plug & Charge) compliance

Jean-Marc Rives, Monday & Wednesday 3pm, Tuesday 10am

15-118 standard has many advantages and represents a major improvement for e-mobility. The “Plug and Charge” (you plug, it charges) feature is its most visible improvement: it improves EV driver experience and enhances charging payment security. ISO-15118 also contributes to a more intelligent and more secure charging ecosystem technical architecture. It paves the way to “smart charging” through intelligent integration of mobility and energy. However, its implementation will induce costs of material, engineering and telecommunication. How can the ecosystem get prepared to this new framework? This standard opens many perspectives, among which Plug & Charge, Intelligent Charging Systems, Bidirectional Charging, Inductive charging, Cybersecurity enhancement. A light version of the standard is already implemented on a few charging stations and should be deployed at a European scale in the coming years. All actors of the ecosystem will be concerned, from charging station installation companies to energy companies, charging station owners and suppliers, operators, roaming platforms and automotive manufacturers. Come discover this topic and its implications at Electric Road!

Developing a business with roaming data analysis

Magdalena Thurin, Monday & Wednesday 4.30pm, Tuesday 11.30am

All players of the ecosystem are driven towards innovation, whether on EV driver charging experience, battery performance, EVSE installation cost management or grid resilience. Data available on e-mobility as a whole are growing but are still limited compared to other fieds of activity. What is at stake here is for the ecosystem to develop and enrich in a coherent and homogeneous way the data architecture of e-mobility, while imagining how e-mobility data can be used for client and product innovation. We will look at those two topics during this interactive workshop. Join a collective thinking on development opportunities based on e-mobility data analysis at Electric Road!


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