Electromaps Extends Its Charge Network With Gireve

Barcelona and Paris. ELECTROMAPS, the e-mobility service provider in Spain and Portugal just finished its integration to GIREVE, the French interoperability platform.

From June on, ELECTROMAPS’ users will be able to access new charging points in Europe and pay with their mobile app or ELECTROMAPS’ RFID badge.

With this integration, ELECTROMAPS counts 50 000 charging points in Europe and is getting close to its borderless charging objective: provide its users with all connected and accessible charging points through its app.

Xavier Cañadell, ELECTROMAPS’ CEO, said that “the unconditional support of our user community gave us our indisputable position of leader” and he remarked that today is a big day for ELECTROMAPS users. Xavier is happy to present all new charging points to his customers.

GIREVE is a roaming platform created by leaders of electric mobility. It comprises 116 charging points operators. It now manages more tan 16 000 charging points and facilitates the interoperability between charging points operators and e-mobility services providers. Thanks to this interoperability, ELECTROMAPS’ users can access through their app and their RFID badge to all charging points without needing each operator’s badge or mobile app.

Bruno Lebrun, GIREVE’s CEO, added that “interoperability is necessary to improve user experience and foster electric mobility. This agreement reaffirms our relevancy for operators and our strategy”

While presenting the agreement, Xavier underlined the importance of collaboration between charging point operators and public administrations. Today, interoperability between different charging point operators and public administrations does not exist in Spain, and it makes it difficult for electric vehicles to develop.

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