E’car18 Network Connects To Gireve’s Platform

Last Tuesday, E’Car18 network from the French Syndicat Départemental d’Energie du Cher (SDE18) joined GIREVE’s platform connecting its charge point, making them interoperable.

E’Car18 network is managed by the SDE18 through a public service delegation contract with Citeos.

By signing this agreement, the syndicate makes its charge points interoperable and can also open them to other e-mobility operators’ EV drivers. A driver wishing to charge with a pass will be able to use E’Car18’s charge points, if the SDE18 made a roaming agreement with the operator in charge of the driver’s pass.


Created in 1946, the SDE 18 gathers the 290 communes of the Cher department for which it organizes energy and gas distribution. The SDE 18 enlarged its scope of action along time, adding different roles that make it today the public actor of energy transition in the Cher department.

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Benefitting from a strong growth since its creation in 2013 by major players of electric mobility Renault, Enedis, the Caisse des depots and CNR, GIREVE is now playing a central role in the digital transformation of electric mobility in Europe. Its development is increasing further with the arrival of the Fond de Modernisation Ecologique des Transports (FMET) dedicated to investing in infrastructures that contribute to the ecological modernisation of transportation.

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