Data et conseil pour la mobilité électrique: Visitez notre stand Gireve à MOVE

E-Mobility data and consulting : visit GIREVE’s stand at move

Meet our team in London this week! We will be welcoming you on stand 201.

Learn more on Gireve at Move

Gireve recently developed new consulting services and data insights & analytics, based on its team’s expertise and its unique knowledge of the EV charging market.

As a digital platform hosting millions of charging sessions and circulating huge amounts of data we are implementing IA and big data to provide public & private decision makers with insights.

One priority is to ensure that EV charging ecosystem develops according to a certain number of principles aimed at protecting the consumer (price transparency, accessibility, data availability, free competition, etc..). Quality is another priority. EV mass adoption demands smooth processes and painless customer experience.

As a market place and transactions hub we are fit for these challenges : our platform is accessible, and roaming is made easier for everyone.

Want to learn more? Visit our team at MOVE event on the 15th and 16th of June!

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