Corri-Door Network Opened Thanks To Gireve

Sodetrel (an e-mobility-dedicated subsidiary of EDF) and GIREVE ran tests under real conditions last week, to confirm that Sodetrel opened its charge point network to third party users. Those tests were successful and Sodetrel thus became the first French operator with a charge point network fully interoperable through GIREVE’s platform. 

For the first time in France, a charge could be done on a charge point with a third party access pass. The test was run on a Corri-door charge point via the interoperability platform GIREVE. Sodetrel and GIREVE show that roaming is indeed a reality.

Corri-Door is a network of 200 rapid charging points which mean you can do a full charge in 20 to 30 minutes. Its charging points are available every 80km along equipped motorway routes. Electric car drivers can now dare to travel further and venture away from urban and rural areas. The outcome of a project led by EDF with Sodetrel, Renault, Nissan, BMW and Volkswagen, the Corri-Door network is 100% powered by renewable energy. Run by Sodetrel, it has enjoyed national status since January 2016.

Sodetrel’s Corri-Door network of 200 fast-charge stations is now opened to all operators wishing to provide their users with access. More generally, all users will be able to charge on Sodetrel’s stations with a pass or an application from another operator. Their operator just needs to sign a roaming agreement with Sodetrel. GIREVE’s platform will then manage the information transfer for roaming.

For EV drivers, charging is made easier : with one subscription to an operator, he has access to all  charge station networks open to interoperability.


Sodetrel is an abbreviation of the SOciété pour le DEveloppement des TRansports ELectriques (company for the development of electric transport), and was set up to focus on onboard electricity (battery hire for heavy duty vehicles), before trialling mobility projects on behalf of EDF (and often in partnership with EDF): Kleber with Toyota, SAVE with Renault in Les Yvelines, Mini-E in Paris… The ultimate goal: to test the performance of electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), as well as of charging facilities, and to understand the expectations of users.


Benefitting from a strong growth since its creation in 2013 by major players of electric mobility Renault, Enedis, the Caisse des depots and CNR, GIREVE is now playing a central role in the digital transformation of electric mobility in Europe.

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