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Image of charging stations to illustrate Gireve's Beyond EV Charging article on ultra fast charging in France

Beyond EV Charging #4

How has ultra fast charging evolved in France over the past few years? Discover the analysis from Grieve, the emobility expert!

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Explore the critical decisions charge point operators face in structuring EV charging areas - standalone chargers vs. distributed systems. Learn about their advantages, impact on power output choices, and the French ultra-fast charging network's offerings for EV drivers.

Beyond EV Charging #1

Explore choices CPO face in structuring EV charging areas. Learn about standalone ultra-fast chargers in our 1st EV Data Plug”In episode.

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A pioneer in the electromobility sector, GIREVE collects, cleans and analyses static and dynamic data on the location and use of charging stations

Data and decision-making

Data management and decision engineering have become key strategic issues on a global scale, in all industries. Collecting reliable, exhaustive and relevant data remains fundamental

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Smart charging is at the core of many R&D projects and is essential to the large-scale development of electric mobility.

Smart charging – 2022 Trend#4

Smart charging refers to the modulation of power during EV charging sessions. The power can be modulated upwards or downwards, to satisfy constraints or opportunities

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