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Gireve’s team will attend the Nordic EV Summit 2023 in Oslo from the 5th to the 6th of May! Get in touch to book a meeting with our team!

Download our product sheet! Our solution allows charging network providers to get more insights on how to improve the quality of their offer.

With this partnership, Laadkompas enables users to charge their EV on more than 260,000 charging points in Europe.

To help households following the increase in electricity prices, the government of Luxembourg has announced a state contribution measure

The barometer of charging point in France is produced by Avere and the Ministry of Energy Transition on the basis of data from Gireve.

Tesla has achieved full integration with Gireve’s roaming platform to provide eMSP with access to its Superchargers. Read the article!

Gireve's roaming barometer in Europe : 292,000 charging points connected to our e-mobility platform in March

Stations-e took part in a demonstration of Plug & Charge services interoperability, using Gireve as its Plug & Charge services provider.

Gireve partners with French authorities to enhance open data accessibility of electric charging data for operators

Gireve is now a core member of CharIN to support the development of EV charging infrastructure at a large scale.

Recharger Mon Auto joins the Gireve platform to extend its range of services and simplify the installation and use of EVSE for everyone

Gireve and Mobileese offer a quality sheet summarizing the quantitative and qualitative elements of public charging point networks.