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Gireve's roaming barometer : 242 000 charging points connected to our e-mobility platform

There are 75,000 charging points open to the public in France in October, 2022. Learn more in the last edition of our barometer!

Gireve's roaming barometer : 239 000 charging points connected to our e-mobility platform

With this alliance, miio will cover the majority of the French recharging network, with smooth and direct access to 61,684 charging stations.

With the support of Gireve's platform, the spotNcharge application now offers a complete and innovative range of services for all drivers of electric & hybrid vehicles.

Meet us for a live demonstration of ecosystem interoperability for Plug and Charge based on ISO 15118 standard.

Gireve and Thales work together to provide "Plug&Charge" to simplify the EV charging experience, based on the ISO 15118 standard.

On September 31st in 2022, there are 71,630 charging points open to the public in France. This represents an increase by +46% …

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Download our product sheet! Our solution allows you to deploy Plug and Charge for all EV drivers anywhere in Europe.

Our EVSE deployment plan was defined to support our client in his decision making process by presenting the best options. Read our case study!

We supported our client from the choice of a backend provider to the conditions of his contract. Read our case study!