250 Charging Points Selected For Smart Charging Project Avenir

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One year after launching the project, 250 charging points were selected. They are located on the streets, in companies and individual homes, both in the South of France and near Paris. Data has already been collected on part of these charging points: first analyses are promising and show that smart charging can be useful to even out peak powers when charging several EVs simultaneously. Finally, the first experiences of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and photovoltaics and charging synchronisation are still being prepared and will be ongoing until the end of the year.

The aVEnir project is led by Enedis and gathers 12 players of the e-mobility ecosystem. It aims at fostering the large-scale development of e-mobility. The plan is to create interactions between the public system of electricity distribution, charging stations and EV, and to analyse the influence of smart charging of EV on the ecosystem.

First results on managed charging

Collected data enabled aVEnir project to make first assumptions on charging at malls or workplaces. It enabled further understanding of charging usage and emphasized opportunities of flattening and smoothing power peaks, maybe to even them out completely. Those results will be useful to optimise and facilitate the connection between future charging points and public energy distribution network.

Next on the list: Smart charging, flexibility, V2G, photovoltaic & charging synchronisation

Several experiments are ongoing or planned for the end of the year to improve public distribution network flexibility on a local scale, and improve its capacity to take in irregular production of renewable energy.

The first use case is the effect that power management of a charging point can have as a response to the distribution operator’s needs. The second use case is the transfer of energy from EV batteries to the distribution network (Vehicle to Grid).

The third use case is planned for the end of 2020, and targets synchronisation between photovoltaic energy production and EV charging.

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