Suivideflotte.Net Gets Connected To Charging Stations Via Gireve

Telematics company joined GIREVE’s platform to offer its clients new charging opportunities.

By getting connected to the roaming platform, can sign roaming agreements with more than 160 partners, representing more than 95,000 charging points in Europe. The telematics company can display dynamic data of charging points in France (among which the availability) with real-time update. EV drivers can choose from their mobile app the nearest available charging point.

« We strive to help our clients electrify their fleets. This goes from identifying gas car that can be renewed as EV to daily EV use. Interconnecting our platform with GIREVE’s enables us to think of new services related to EV charging. » Julien Rousseau, CEO,

About :

Based in France,  has been specialising in geolocation and fleet management for 19 years. The company supports more than 2,500 clients (SME, ETI & Key Accounts).  Thanks to dedicating 25% of its team to R&D, is able to offer new features quarterly.

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