Poland Opens To Roaming With Ev +

EV + just joined GIREVE’s platform to open its network to roaming. EV + offers a complete service from project building to charging infrastructure implementation. Its mission is to build the largest EV charging network in Poland. As of today, EV + operates 32 charging stations that provide EV drivers with 70 quick and semi-fast charging points. Moreover, another 5 locations are being launched across Poland.

The operator got connected to GIREVE’s platform to make its charging points interoperable. This will enable EV + to open its charging point networks to all users regardless of their e-mobility service provider.

The decisions to connect the EV + network to the GIREVE platform were made in order to expand our offer for charging stations owners and electric car users. We found the connection process very quick and easy. We believe that the cooperation between our companies will contribute to the faster development of the e-mobility market in Poland and the roaming agreements we have signed will allow driving electric vehicles all over Europe.” Przemysław Kałdoński, BoM representative

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