Paris-Saclay Network Opens To Roaming With Gireve

French Communauté Paris-Saclay (CPS) got connected to GIREVE’s platform to open its network to roaming and offer charging to new users, no matter their access means.

To foster e-mobility rollout, CPS chose to implement a charging network open to the public. 47 charging stations are available throughout the 20 communes. Drivers can find them next to train station or in the city center but also on neighborhoods where e-mobility could be more developed.

“One of our network’s main stakes is to make it interoperable with as many operators as possible, so that charging a car becomes easiest possible, for those who are used to e-mobility but also those who are discovering it and for drivers passing by our communes. It seemed really important to us to get connected to GIREVE, so that we could publish our charging offer easily and have access to main French and international operators” Eva Pineau, Communauté d’agglomération Paris-Saclay, Service Transition Energétique

By joining the platform, CPS can sign roaming agreements with e-mobility operators, enabling subscribers of these operators to access charging on CPS’s network. Thanks to this connection, EV drivers will now be able to charge on Paris-Saclay’s stations using their own mobile app or charging badge.


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