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Understand the market to define your strategy

Gireve supports all the players of the ecosystem. Training centers, car manufacturers, dealers, insurers, engineering consultants or architect firms, local authorities, urban planning services, school or a training centers, electricians, operators, or service providers: our consulting services help you improve your processes, and enrich your knowledge. Our training courses can be given face-to-face, remotely or 100% autonomously on our training platform


E-mobility: fundamentals

  • Learn all about electromobility : advantages, EV’s autonomy, regulations towards zero emissions in transportation
  • Broaden your knowledge of the EV charging process
  • Understand the electric mobility value chain and the interactions between the market players

E-mobility: getting into or adapting to the market

  • Discover the e-mobility market
  • Create a strategy to implement your electric fleet
  • Expand your business to another country
  • Understand the regulations in the country of implementation

Discovering the business of roaming

  • Identify the actors, their roles and the roaming value chain
  • Positioning in the value chain
  • Establish partnerships

Define the price of your charging services

  • Explore the current trends in tariffication of charging sessions
  • Learn the key points of the charging rate regulations
  • Discover the state of art: chargers’ frequentation rate, average charging session duration, average energy consumed during a EV charging session

Grants in France

  • Get to know the ongoing grants related to electromobility
  • Don’t miss the deadline of any subsidy
  • Master the process of application to each grant

Report your consumption data to Advenir

  • Learn how to report data to Advenir via their API
  • Understand the process of reporting data to Advenir trough GIREVE
  • Be sure to accomplish all the requirements to get Advenir subsidy

Tailor-made training

  • Request a completely tailor-made training that fits your needs
  • Take advantage of our experts to solve your questions


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