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Mobility is changing radically to meet the urgent need of protecting our environment, while satisfying the increasing demand of tailored services from users. To accelerate the transformation of the whole ecosystem, the interconnection between players and the anticipation of new behaviours are key as they help plan future evolutions and develop services that meet tomorrow’s needs. A European leader for new mobility intermediation, GIREVE develops tools and services to drive transformation, help its clients grow and build a sustainable, innovative mobility for all.


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Data insights

Gireve processes data real time to plan tomorrow’s behaviours and support the decision making process of emobility players.

Gireve’s teams gather unique emobility data knowledge and expertise, thanks to its leading role as an interoperability platform in Europe for almost 10 years. At the heart of the ecosystem’s R&D, Gireve has developed innovative solutions in partnership with all stakeholders, leading to a global knowledge of the main challenges. A unique position to create and implement the right solutions for your business.

Data real time, processed and analysed by our experts

Gireve offers its unique technology and data expertise to bring new solutions meeting emobility players’ needs today and tomorrow.

Depending on what you need, we can offer:

  • Data as a Service: you can access detailed data on EV charging through an API or by specific requests (geolocation, features of the service and of charging stations)
  • Analytics: you can benefit from custom reports and analytics to give you data insights and help you make your decisions

Consulting & Training

Gireve helps you understand the e-mobility ecosystem, guiding you through your installation and investment decisions everywhere in Europe.

Gireve supports all the players of the ecosystem. Training centers, private installator, public authority, consulting agencies, OEM, charging infrastructure operators, fleet manager: our consulting services help you improve your processes, and enrich your knowledge.

Custom training programs to meet your needs

Our training courses are designed to improve your team’s skills, understand the ecosystem, prepare your deployment strategy or follow up grant requests.

Roaming & Plug and Charge

Gireve offers a range of solutions to develop your business. Our technical and operational support guides you to ensure a high quality of service, from the first connection to the management of your transactions. We keep developing cutting-edge innovation services, thanks to our team that dedicates to developing new services, for instance with Smart charging and Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

  • A market place to handle roaming-related contracts: Our Connect Place is the market place for roaming operators. It is the place where offer meets service needs. Operators can choose their partners, negotiate tariff and validate their roaming agreement in a single click to implement roaming on their charging network or their mobility solution.
  • A technical support to improve your productivity: Operators get connected to Gireve’s technical platform to exchange technical flows. We offer the best standardised, open and free protocols of the market (eMIP, OCPI, PNCP). Our technical teams develop them and integrate them to our systems while ensuring optimal performance.
  • Clearing solutions to simplify your invoicing process: our platform enables automatic control and billing of EV drivers’ charging sessions, simplifying financial exchanges between operators. Gireve also offers its expertise to make invoicing and payment easy and transparent.

Deploy Plug and Charge

  • Gireve supports the EV charging ecosystem in the deployment of Plug and Cahrge through different services, from technical expertise to the implementation. Gireve developed its solution in partnership with Thalès, a global leader in cybersecurity.
  • When developing the ISO-15118 standard that includes the Plug and Charge use case, Gireve is part of several working groups for an open market that guarantees a high level of security and promotes the optimisation of cybersecurity for the ecosystem.
  • Gireve’s solutions include the public key infrastructure management (PKI), from V2G Root CA (Vehicle to Grid) to the certificate generation and lifecycle management for each operator, as well as certificate exchange platforms management (certificate pools)