Optimile Offers E-Mobility Roaming Via Gireve

Optimile is a software company offering platform services for CPO (Charge Point Operators) and eMSP (e-Mobility Service Providers). The company first joined GIREVE’s platform in January 2019 to enable third party e-mobility providers to access its CPO clients’ infrastructure across Europe.

Optimile is now fully connected to GIREVE, to provide its eMSP and CPO clients with roaming services via GIREVE’s platform.

Thanks to this connection, Optimile’s eMSP customers will be able to access new charging infrastructures across Europe, and its CPO customers will be able to make their infrastructures visible and accessible.

The combination of MaaS and charging electric vehicles is unique in today’s new mobility ecosystem. Connecting to GIREVE is another step towards giving our EV customers the best service possible. – Stijn Keppens, Business Development Manager, Optimile

Optimile is an innovative Ghent-based software company, providing a range of applications in the field of new mobility. Next to having their roots in charging for EV’s, they’ve also developed a cloud-based platform that takes a Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) approach to connect the end-user with various means of transport. The platform enables users to smoothly combine different transport methods to find the most convenient way to reach their destination, plus also to make their reservations and pay for the various modes of transport in one go.

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