High Power Network Ionity Is Open To Roaming With Gireve

Europe’s leading high-power charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) has been connected to GIREVE’s interoperability platform since 2019, providing roaming services for EV drivers across Europe. IONITY is a joint venture of BMW Group, Mercedes Benz AG, Ford Motor Company, and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche.

With over 400 charging stations along major European highways, IONITY’s goal is to build a high-power charging network for electric vehicles along major highways in Europe.

“Having a pan-European player such as IONITY connect to our platform illustrates the importance of roaming applied to EV charging. This partnership will directly benefit EV drivers by further enhancing their charging experience while traveling cross borders throughout Europe” Armand Gallet, Business Development Manager, GIREVE

Inclusion in the GIREVE platform has enhanced the accessibility of the IONITY network for the EV community. As of 2019, EV drivers able to access IONITY’s charging stations and charge their cars using connected mobility service provider apps or cards can benefit from the GIREVE roaming platform.

“High Power Charging offering 350 kW and a market-leading customer experience has put us at the forefront of charging infrastructure in Europe. Open networks are the key to the success of E- mobility,” says IONITY Head of Sales Patrick Meinelt.

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