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Greenway Signs Roaming Partnership With Gireve

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GreenWay Infrastructure, a leading EV charging service provider in Central and Eastern Europe joined GIREVE’s roaming platform to enhance its services in Slovakia and Poland as both Charging Point Operator (CPO) and e-Mobility Service Provider (eMSP).

“Working with companies like GIREVE allows us to broaden our user experience and offer hassle-free travel abroad as well as use of other networks in Poland and Slovakia as soon as operators are ready to join the GIREVE as roaming platform. We are looking forward to this cooperation and to jointly spreading the electromobility trend throughout Europe” Peter Badik, Managing Partner, GreenWay

GreenWay is constantly expanding its network in Slovakia, as well as in Poland. Its network now accounts for more than 310 charging stations. Cooperation with GIREVE will enhance the experience of GreenWay’s clients and clients of its roaming partners. It allows them to travel more easily around Europe. EV drivers will be able to access available charging points, charge their cars and pay their charging sessions using just one RFID card, either provided by GreenWay or by roaming partners with no need of other registration.

“It is very encouraging for us to welcome GreenWay, a market leader with a strong footprint in Central and Eastern European countries. We’d like to thank GreenWay to place its trust in GIREVE. A successful partnership starts today.” Jingjing Ma, Business Developer, GIREVE

About GreenWay Infrastructure

GreenWay Infrastructure is dedicated to making electric vehicles usage a realistic and preferred option for all people. The company builds and manages electric vehicle charging infrastructure throughout Central and Eastern Europe and works with people, companies, organizations, and governments to develop and expand the electromobility ecosystem. GreenWay Infrastructure’s objective is to make Central & Eastern Europe cleaner, healthier and less dependent on oil thanks to the widespread use of electric vehicles.

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