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Greek Operator Evziiin Opens To Roaming With Gireve

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GIREVE welcomes the first Greece-based operator on its platform. Evziiin© has just joined the roaming platform as both e-Mobility Service Provider, providing its subscribers with a European network of more than 96,000 charging points, and Charge Point Operator, opening its charging points to new EV drivers in Europe.

EVziiin© joined forces with GIREVE from the get-go as its highest priority is to offer unparalleled consumer service by delivering uninterrupted smooth charging & payment experience to drivers. Achieving this without Gireve would be just not possible. Konstantinos Spyropoulos, Operations Leader, EVziiin©

Supported by new EV growth stimulus legislation passed on July 2020, EVziiin© is a brand new challenger in the Greek e-mobility field.

As an eMSP, EVziiin© owns a mobile application for both iOS & Android systems. Consumers, after creating their own personal or enterprise profiles, identify charging points in Greece or abroad, pre-book sessions, pay with their chosen payment method, view chargers’ information & other abundant features with smoothest charging & payment experience everywhere.  

As a CPO or housing other CPO networks under its platform, EVziiin© aspires to create a network that will house thousands of chargers in Greece benefiting from the advantages of connected devices. Using big data analytics & artificial intelligence, EVziiin© will provide highly cost-effective remote operations and maximum availability of IoT devices to private owners and companies. At the same time, EVziiin© will offer substantial revenue-creation or cost-reduction opportunities to professional charging outlets.

GIREVE welcomes EVZiiin, the first Greece-based operator on its platform.

By getting connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform, EVziiin© will be able to enhance its offer, delivering its high-quality services on a greater number of charging points and to all EV drivers in Europe. At the same time, as Greece is prime professional visitors’ & tourists’ destination (despite the Covid-19 outbreak), EVziiin© will be able to help eMSPs from Europe enhance their subscriber offer when visiting Greece.

About EVziiin©

EVziiin© is a brand name owned by INNVESTIO BV, The Netherlands, a Dutch mega-trends investment company. It is being operationalized in Greece by GEA SOLUTIONS who is the exclusive partner in Greece for EVziiin©. EVziiin© does not only help its customers to uphold their customer-service promises but also actively supports an association for car accidents victims & an NGO for wild life support & animals-victims of car accidents in Greece.

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