German operator elvah increases charging opportunities on its app with GIREVE

German operator Elvah increases charging opportunities on its app with Gireve

Elvah is an e-mobility service provider that offers convenient access to all public charging stations in Germany and 30 other countries. With one app, the operator offers access to any public charging station at a simple tariff. By getting connected to GIREVE, elvah goes one step further in its mission to provide an easy charging experience to its subscribers throughout Europe. More than 155,000 charging points in Europe are connected to the digital platform of GIREVE and can now be added to elvah’s app.

German operator elvah increases charging opportunities on its app with GIREVE

“We are obsessed with customer-centricity. Hence our goals are straightforward: give our users the freedom to charge everywhere. As the market in Europe is highly fragmented, we are thrilled to find partners, such as Gireve. Gireve is easing the process of ubiquitous availability of charging points for our users.” said Steffen, Head of Operations & Partnerships at elvah.

There are thousands of charging point operators in Europe. There’s the small bakery with one charger, the hotel with a few, the business with a few hundred and so forth. In Germany, there are more than 2,000 providers to supply electric cars with electricity. This shows freedom of the market but increases complexity at the same time. This complexity can be simplified by aggregation and roaming. The first version of elvah’s app was developed between July and September 2020 and was officially launched for all drivers in March 2021.

German operator elvah increases charging opportunities on its app with GIREVE

“We are excited to see a fast-growing company such as elvah join our platform. We look forward to improving EV drivers’ charging experience together in a shared customer-centric vision” Jingjing MA, Senior Business Development Manager at GIREVE

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