French Town Of Montrouge Gets Its Network Connected To Gireve

A new French network joined GIREVE’s interoperability platform this month: the town of Montrouge (Paris suburbs) got its charging point network connected to the roaming platform to enable access to charging to all EV drivers.

“Allowing users of our infrastructures to pay their charge using most RFID cards of the market was a major advantage of GIREVE’s roaming platform” Pascal Hureau, Deputy Mayor of the town of Montrouge

Montrouge engages in preserving air quality, fostering a more silent town and contributing to energy transition. That’s why Montrouge accompanies deep transition towards e-mobility through charge point investment accessible with all types of payment.

The town is now equipped with 16 charge points. By connecting to GIREVE’s platform, it enabled larger access of its network: no matter which solution the driver subscribed to, it will be possible for them to charge on one of the city’s stations.

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