French Sipperec Develops Its Interoperable Network

French operator SIPERREC follows its mission towards energy and digital transition. Enriching its mobility services, the operator now offers charging infrastructure installation, retrofit, and maintenance in close collaboration with local authorities.
Several charging points are already operational in the Île-de-France region. To ensure best service quality to all users, SIPPEREC coordinates all actors of the network: Bouygues Energies Services, Artelia and Enedis with local authorities.

Le SIPERREC is now connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform. By letting SIPPEREC handle operations, local authorities of the region ensure a homogeneous and interoperable charging network on the territory. By getting connected to the platform, SIPPEREC offers a simplified user experience with a subscriber card that is compatible with all charging points connected to GIREVE’s platform.

GIREVE’s support throughout onboarding, connection and first use of the platform enabled us to quickly understand how it works and how important roaming is for EV drivers. We cannot let access to charging remain limited by non-communicating networks. GIREVE enables different networks to exchange necessary information, so that EV drivers can charge without territorial constraint. – SIPPEREC

To meet new mobility needs and improve energy transition, SIPPEREC has increased its charging infrastructure development: 60 charging points are now operational, compared to 20 at the beginning of the summer. A further hundreds of charging points will be implemented in the coming months. The objective is to quickly be able to meet the growing need of users, with an operational network of charge. By 2022, SIPPEREC aims at delivering 3,000 charging points.

Le SIPERREC est désormais connecté à la plateforme d’itinérance de GIREVE en tant que CPO.

The network developed by SIPPEREC is adapted to the territory, with several types of charging stations. In residential areas, slow charging (7.4kVA) will be implemented for those who need charging during long periods of time, and to answer the need of EV parking in those areas. In commercial areas, normal charging will be delivered (22 kVA) to give users enough power in a shorter period.


SIPPEREC is a French local organisation that gathers 115 local authorities. A public partner, SIPPEREC supports, gives advice, and accompanies its members in the implementation of their public policies, in energy and digital fields, to offer a hight-quality local public service. SIPPEREC is the main advisor for authorities willing to develop a local policy in favour of digital and energy transition.


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