French Pays Rethélois Opens To E-Roaming In France

The French Communauté de Communes du Pays Rethélois just joined GIREVE’s platform to make its charging network interoperable and open to roaming.

Until now, the organisation’s charging points could only be accessed with a credit card or through the operator’s website, Clem. By connecting to GIREVE, the Communauté de Communes opens its stations to third party payment so that EV drivers can benefit from their operators’ services on the charging network.

“We think that it is important to give a better visibility of our stations and to make them accessible to everyone. If we want EV to be an alternative to gas vehicles, the service needs to be operational. To this end, charging stations need to be implemented so that they create a real organized network open to everyone. We appreciated the time that GIREVE’s team took to explain to us and walk us through the whole process of connection to their platform.” Sophie Brasseur, Sustainable Development Project Manager, CC Pays Rethélois

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