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French Operator Sigeif Opens To Roaming With Gireve

SIGEIF has been operating a growing network in France since October 2019. Last March, to foster its network’s development, SIGEIF chose Izivia and BIR to install and manage its charging stations.

Going further, SIGEIF decided to make its network interoperable with other solutions, opening its network to more users with a unique tariff no matter the badge used. To do so, SIGEIF charging network got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform to further open its services. Network’s stations will now be visible and accessible on any app or mobility system.

It at the heart of our strategy to open SIGEIF’s network as much as possible, giving users the best level of service. GIREVE’s platform is a reference to make it happen.  Guillaume Champvillard, e-mobility operations manager, Sigeif


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