ePOI DataBase For CPO

By getting referenced in GIREVE’s database, your charging station get visible to all users thanks to the connexion with major NSP on the market and all eMSP connected to GIREVE ! 

Charge Point Operators who want to gain visibility and profitability for their installations, can reference their charging station for free in GIREVE’s database. GIREVE aggregates, cleans, and verify all the data and makes it visible to all major NSP players and all GIREVE eMPS Partners.

You want to report a new charging point ?

ePOI DataBase For NSP

With our ePOI services, you can enjoy a reliable and verified database of charging points in Europe

E-mobility service providers and navigation service providers can benefit from a European database updated real time through APIs and turnkey maps, to support EV drivers’ searches. You can provide your clients with a reliable and verified database in a standard format. You can reduce risks of IT system overflow thanks to our filter of charging point availability status update bugs.


Choose a geographic perimeter of data: display your partners’ data to have your subscribers charge on their networks, or select a geographic area that meets your subscribers’ needs: region, country, Europe


GIREVE’s database comes from multiples sources gathered together and verified: Charge Point Operators directly connected to GIREVE’s platform, Charge Point Operators connected via aggregators or open data sources.

Quality & Control

Upon reception of a new file, data is extracted and controlled, both automatically and manually.

We strive to offer a high-quality service: at least 80% of charging points have been updated in the last 60 days for all operators directly connected, and in the last 90 days for all public charging points.


GIREVE’s excellent coverage in Europe, its thorough verification process of the network’s status and its direct connection with charging operators are elements that further prove its quality to all actors that benefit from our integrated service through the HERE EV Charging Stations offer


charging points in our database


charging points updated real time


attributes for each charging point

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