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Whether you’re a charging point operator or an e-mobility service provider, GIREVE offers you a package of innovative services to facilitate electric mobility roaming throughout Europe.

E-mobility service providers

Give more to your EV drivers

with our BOOST! service


Charging point operators

Make your charge points visible

and easy to reach with our OPEN! service


E-mobility service providers: BOOST!

Expand your customer offering today:

Identify new partners to grow your charging point network

Use our platform to exchange roaming data with your partners

Negotiate new roaming agreements quickly and easily via our Connect Place

Offer your customers a seamless and transparent experience throughout Europe


Technical connection

Technical connection



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Technical connection

GIREVE connects your software platform
through web services based on either OCPI or eMIP protocol (free and unlimited license for both, no restriction of use)

GIREVE maintains a 24/7 technical connection
with your software platform (heartbeat control).

GIREVE ensures the data integrity
for each link in the value chain (structured and secure exchanges).


Join the Connect Place

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Access to Charging Point Operators offers.

Select the charging networks which meet your needs such as the service level and tariff offers.

Sign your roaming agreements online.


Once the first roaming agreement has been signed, provide your customers with:

the location and real-time availability of your partners’ charging points,
the possibility of charging their vehicles on your partners’ charging points,

Manage your roaming agreements by receiving from GIREVE:

service consumption reports on your partners’ charging points,
support of a third-party operator vis-à-vis your partners when required.