250 charging points selected for smart charging project aVEnir

22 September 2020/by GIREVE

Eric Plaquet appointed President & CEO of GIREVE

10 September 2020/by GIREVE
Total partners with GIREVE to develop roaming on its networks

Total partners with GIREVE to develop roaming on its networks

2 September 2020/by GIREVE gets connected to charging stations via GIREVE

27 August 2020/by GIREVE

Optimile offers e-mobility roaming via GIREVE

27 August 2020/by GIREVE


21 August 2020/by GIREVE

Qovoltis’ smart charging stations open to roaming with GIREVE

27 July 2020/by GIREVE
sigeif gireve partenariat d'itinérance

French operator SIGEIF opens to roaming with GIREVE

22 July 2020/by GIREVE
greenway gireve partnership

GreenWay signs roaming partnership with GIREVE

22 July 2020/by GIREVE

UK – Anywhere Charging and GIREVE team up for roaming

10 July 2020/by GIREVE

GIREVE roaming barometer – July, 2020

8 July 2020/by GIREVE

July, 2020: 29,800 charging points are available in France

2 July 2020/by GIREVE
place to plug gets connected to GIREVE's roaming platform

Spanish operator Place to Plug joins GIREVE’s roaming platform

18 June 2020/by GIREVE

GIREVE roaming barometer – June,2020

3 June 2020/by GIREVE

Paris-Saclay network opens to roaming with GIREVE

26 May 2020/by GIREVE

PROVIRIDIS’s ultra-fast chargers open to roaming with GIREVE

26 May 2020/by GIREVE partners with GIREVE roaming platform as eMSP

25 May 2020/by GIREVE

High power network IONITY is open to roaming with GIREVE

15 May 2020/by GIREVE

GIREVE welcomes the first Slovakian network on its platform

13 May 2020/by GIREVE

SalzachSonne opens Austria to roaming with GIREVE

6 May 2020/by GIREVE
Charge4Europe choisit la plateforme d'itinérance GIREVE pour enrichir son offre de recharge

Charge4Europe chooses GIREVE to extend its charging offers

5 May 2020/by GIREVE

Leading network in Croatia opens to roaming with GIREVE

21 April 2020/by GIREVE

March 2020 : 29 578 charging points in France

30 March 2020/by GIREVE
région hauts de france et gireve

Northern France charging network opens to all EV drivers

27 March 2020/by GIREVE

Business continuity efforts in response to Coronavirus

17 March 2020/by GIREVE

GIREVE’s Messaging service: 3 questions to Margaux Vandeville

10 March 2020/by GIREVE

E-mobility operators can now settle disputes with GIREVE

10 March 2020/by GIREVE

ETREL and GIREVE join up to provide roaming

3 March 2020/by GIREVE

Mobiliti and GIREVE partner up to open roaming in Hungary

2 March 2020/by GIREVE

Why go through a platform to enable EV charging?

13 February 2020/by GIREVE

Greenspot enables roaming on its network

24 January 2020/by GIREVE

New French departments enable roaming on their networks

20 January 2020/by GIREVE

EVConnect opens EV charging in Romania

23 December 2019/by GIREVE

German network chargeIT expands its charging services

17 December 2019/by GIREVE

French Riviera opens its charging points to roaming

13 December 2019/by GIREVE
comparison incoming and outgoing flows

GIREVE helps improve operators’ services levels

21 November 2019/by GIREVE

Charging stations open to roaming in the South of France

12 November 2019/by GIREVE
eneco e-mobility gets connected to GIREVE roaming platform

Eneco eMobility makes roaming easier in Europe

5 November 2019/by GIREVE

GIREVE contributes to a state-backed website for e-mobility

29 October 2019/by GIREVE
logo aVEnir projet Groupe Renault, Groupe PSA, Schneider Electric, Total EV Charge, Groupe EDF (filiale IZIVIA), Dreev, GIREVE, Trialog, Electric 55 Charging, Université Grenoble Alpes, Aix Marseille Université

GIREVE collaborates with 11 partners to develop e-mobility

22 October 2019/by GIREVE

Newsletter GIREVE : toutes nos actualités

10 October 2019/by GIREVE

French COR opens to roaming with GIREVE

9 October 2019/by GIREVE

Electric 55 Charging opens its network to roaming

9 October 2019/by GIREVE

GIREVE simplifies operators’ invoicing processes

4 October 2019/by GIREVE
plug and charge demo at EVS 32 with GIREVE, Trialog, Vedecom, Renault

GIREVE contributes to Plug-and-Charge development

4 October 2019/by GIREVE

GreenFlux adds Dutch charging points on GIREVE

3 October 2019/by GIREVE

Roaming extends to Corrèze with FDEE 19

3 October 2019/by GIREVE
French network TE90 opens to roaming with GIREVE

French network TE90 opens to roaming with GIREVE

27 September 2019/by GIREVE

French SIEGE 27 enhances roaming on its charging points

26 September 2019/by GIREVE

Major network EVBox partners with GIREVE

26 September 2019/by GIREVE

Roaming expands in Spain with Feníe Energía

25 September 2019/by GIREVE

Roaming in Belgium with Blue Corner

24 September 2019/by GIREVE

Why public charging networks need to be open to roaming?

24 September 2019/by GIREVE

French Métropole Rouen Normandie opens to roaming

23 September 2019/by GIREVE

French Grenoble-Alpes Métropole opens its network to e-roaming

18 September 2019/by GIREVE

New charging points open to roaming in France with SDEG 16

18 September 2019/by GIREVE

GIREVE extends its reach in Spain with Easycharger

17 September 2019/by GIREVE

Justplugin opens new networks of charge to its EV drivers

11 September 2019/by GIREVE

New French network MODULO joins GIREVE’s platform

11 September 2019/by GIREVE

GIREVE expands in Ireland with

10 September 2019/by GIREVE

HERE adds GIREVE’s networks to its navigation service

18 June 2019/by GIREVE

Charge Point Operator Park’n Plug joins GIREVE’s platform

27 March 2019/by GIREVE

SAP Labs France joins GIREVE’s platform

12 March 2019/by GIREVE

French town of Montrouge gets its network connected to GIREVE

11 March 2019/by GIREVE

Porsche joins GIREVE to extend its e-mobility service

6 March 2019/by GIREVE

ZEPHYRE charging point network joins GIREVE’s platform

15 February 2019/by GIREVE
Charge Point Operator EV Driver got connected to GIREVE

One more step towards roaming in the UK with EV Driver

14 February 2019/by GIREVE

GIREVE consolidates its position in the UK with Franklin Energy

29 January 2019/by GIREVE

Allego and GIREVE open 12,000 charging points

15 January 2019/by GIREVE

Optimile makes its network interoperable with GIREVE

11 January 2019/by GIREVE

ZE-Watt gets connected to the GIREVE network

11 January 2019/by GIREVE

French SMED 13 gets its charging points connected to GIREVE

11 January 2019/by GIREVE

The SEVE gets connected to GIREVE

11 January 2019/by GIREVE

French network SEV joins GIREVE’s platform

11 January 2019/by GIREVE

French network Rhône-Lez-Provence joins GIREVE

11 January 2019/by GIREVE

New features on the Connect Place

9 January 2019/by GIREVE

Overview of new services from 2018

9 January 2019/by GIREVE

They joined us using the OCPI protocol

9 January 2019/by GIREVE

GIREVE facilitates B2B invoicing of EV charging in roaming situations

21 December 2018/by GIREVE

GIREVE enables charging point booking in its roaming platform

20 December 2018/by GIREVE

ServiceHouse joins GIREVE to extend its charge coverage

10 December 2018/by GIREVE

Ardennes Métropole joins GIREVE’s platform

10 December 2018/by GIREVE

The French Vallée des Baux-Alpilles connects to GIREVE

10 December 2018/by GIREVE

The French CAPVM charging network joins GIREVE’s platform

3 December 2018/by GIREVE
go electric stations teams up with GIREVE

Go Electric Stations and GIREVE team up

29 November 2018/by GIREVE

Collaboration to improve EV charging information

27 November 2018/by GIREVE

GIREVE is part of the NeMo project to develop e-mobility

13 November 2018/by GIREVE

GIREVE connects EASYTRIP to its platform with OCPI

5 September 2018/by GIREVE

A new project for Cross-border and Smart Charging

10 July 2018/by GIREVE

French Grand Nancy metropole open its network with GIREVE

3 July 2018/by GIREVE

Dutch company Vandebron connects to GIREVE

25 June 2018/by GIREVE

Electromaps extends its charge network with GIREVE

18 June 2018/by GIREVE

Wirelane joins GIREVE’s roaming network

30 May 2018/by GIREVE

Saint-Louis Agglomération open its charging points with GIREVE

25 May 2018/by GIREVE

Spark Horizon is enlarging its charging network with GIREVE

4 April 2018/by GIREVE

MOVE Mobility SA joins GIREVE’s network

3 April 2018/by GIREVE

Route 220 connects to GIREVE to extend its network

21 March 2018/by GIREVE

DRIVECO connects its charging points to GIREVE

11 March 2018/by GIREVE

TomTom signs with GIREVE for dynamic charge point data

30 January 2018/by GIREVE

E’Car18 network connects to GIREVE’s platform

16 January 2018/by GIREVE
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