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ServiceHouse joins GIREVE to extend its charge coverage

The Dutch e-mobility operator just joined GIREVE’s platform, to be able to offer its customers more charging points to charge their EV car. ServiceHouse is an innovative company based in the Netherlands, offering services in the fields…

Ardennes Métropole joins GIREVE's platform

The French territory Ardennes Métropole  just joined our roaming platform GIREVE to open its charging points to non-suscribers.

The French Vallée des Baux-Alpilles connects to GIREVE

In the beginning of November, CCBVA (a French territory that gathers several communes) joined GIREVE's platform to open its charging points to roaming.
The French CAPVM charging network joins GIREVE’s platform

The French CAPVM charging network joins GIREVE’s platform

La CAPVM a connecté son réseau de 50 points de charge pour véhicules électriques à la plateforme d’itinérance GIREVE, pour les rendre visibles et accessibles aux conducteurs de véhicules électriques utilisant des badges et applications partenaires.
go electric stations teams up with GIREVE

Go Electric Stations and GIREVE team up

Connecting to GIREVE now enables Go Electric Stations to extend its coverage and offer its users a wider network of charging points. The roaming platform gives indeed access to a network of more than 130 partners and 28 000 charging points in Europe.

Collaboration to improve EV charging information

A partner of GIREVE since 2015, G2mobility manages several networks of charging infrastructures in France. EV drivers can charge there with a single subscription to an e-mobility provider.
KiWhi Pass, EASYTRIP, GIREVE, roaming

GIREVE connects EASYTRIP to its platform using OCPI for the first time

This summer, the e-mobility service provider EASYTRIP connected is KiWhi Pass® solution to GIREVE's platform using the OCPI protocol to enlarge its charging network for its European customers. 
Figure 1: Kick off meeting of the OCPI Management Board. From left to right: Elbert Lievense (E.ON), Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer (E.ON), Arnaud Mora (Freshmile), Kor Meelker (Allego), Onno Ceelen (EVBox), Roland Ferwerda (NKL), Michel Bayings (NKL), Jean-Marc Rives (GIREVE), Jacob van Zonneveld (Plugsurfing)

A collaboration to set up formal OCPI Management Organization

All members share the common goal to accelerate EV roaming in a sustainable manner by making use of the independent open protocol OCPI.

A new project for Cross-border and Smart Charging

on July 4th, GIREVE joined the event EVRoaming4EU organised by NKL for Smart Charging and Cross-Border issues.

Electromaps extends its charge network with GIREVE

Barcelona and Paris. ELECTROMAPS, the e-mobility service provider in Spain and Portugal just finished its integration to GIREVE, the French interoperability platform.

Wirelane joins GIREVE’s network

Wirelane’s teams met in GIREVE’s office this Monday to sign the connection agreement between the e-mobility service provider and the roaming platform.

Spark Horizon is enlarging its charging network with GIREVE

With this new agreement, the number of charging points available on the e-mobility service provider’s app is increasing.

MOVE Mobility SA joins GIREVE’s network

MOVE Mobility just signed an agreement with GIREVE this Monday to benefit from BOOST and OPEN services. MOVE Mobility thus develops its service to its users.

Route 220 connects to GIREVE and enlarges its charging point network

Last Tuesday, Route 220 company made an agreement with GIREVE for its service evway, to benefit from the platform’s services and make roaming agreements with charging points operators.

DRIVECO connects its charging points to GIREVE

The agreement was made this Thursday between Driveco, an infrastructure solution for EV charging, and GIREVE, a roaming platform for EV charging in Europe.

TomTom signs with GIREVE for dynamic charge point data

In this new year, TomTom increases its charge point repository for its users.

E’Car18 network connects to GIREVE’s platform

Last Tuesday, E’Car18 network from the French Syndicat Départemental d’Energie du Cher (SDE18) joined GIREVE’s platform connecting its charge point, making them interoperable.
Le territoire de Mayenne se connecte à GIREVE

The French territory of Mayenne connects to GIREVE

In 2018, charging points of Mayenne’s department will be interoperable and open to roaming, thanks to the agreement that was signed by the department and GIREVE on January 3rd.

GIREVE speeds up its development with the Fonds de Modernisation Ecologique des Transports (FMET)

The shareholding of the company, previously composed of Caisse des Dépôts, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, EDF through its subsidiary EDEV, Enedis, and the Renault Group, is strengthening and diversifying with the onboarding of FMET.

ChargeIT mobility signs with GIREVE

The startup reinforces its presence in France by signing an agreement with GIREVE to open its charging points to electric mobility operators.

Lafon joins GIREVE’s network

LAFON, a company that develops a charge network through its PULSE service, joined GIREVE’s network yesterday to make its charge points interoperable and open to roaming.

BES extends its charge point network with GIREVE

On the 5th September 2017, Bouygues Energies et Services opened its network of EV charge points with GIREVE’s platform.

Chargemap connects to GIREVE's platform

During Paris Motor Show, GIREVE and ChargeMap announced that they had signed an agreement to connect ChargeMap, a company specialized in EV charge point localisation, to GIREVE's interoperability platform.

Corri-Door network opened thanks to GIREVE

Sodetrel became the first French operator with a charge point network fully interoperable through GIREVE's platform. 

Interview of Bruno Lebrun, GIREVE's president

"Our platform is free for any charge point operator"