French Pays Rethélois opens to e-roaming in France

The French Communauté de Communes du Pays Rethélois just joined GIREVE’s platform to make its charging network interoperable and open to roaming.

Poland opens to roaming with EV +

The Dutch charging point operator just joined GIREVE’s platform to open its network to roaming.

Justplugin opens new networks of charge to its EV drivers with GIREVE

The Dutch e-Mobility Service Provider got connected to GIREVE to enhance its services to its 2000  EV-driver subscribers.

New French network MODULO joins GIREVE’s platform

The MODULO network just adjusted the connection to open its 626 charging stations to all EV drivers.

GIREVE expands in Ireland with

By joining GIREVE, the network opens its charging points to roaming, enabling access to new users.

HERE adds GIREVE’s networks to its navigation service

HERE Technologies, one of the world leader of in-car navigation and location services, joined GIREVE’s platform to help users locate available nearby EV charging points.

Charge Point Operator Park’n Plug joins GIREVE’s platform

Park’n Plug just got connected to GIREVE’s interoperability platform to open its charging network to new users.

SAP Labs France joins GIREVE’s platform

SAP Labs France company connected to GIREVE’s platform to increase visibility of its French charging network.

French town of Montrouge gets its network connected to GIREVE

the town of Montrouge got its charging point network connected to the roaming platform to widen access to charging.

Porsche joins GIREVE to extend its e-mobility service

Porsche got connected to GIREVE to enhance its charging service in France.