Illusration of Margaux and Guillaume, interviewed by Wavestone on Plug & Charge

Challenges in Deploying Plug & Charge to Accelerate the Transition to eMobility

Interview with Gireve by Wavestone

The deployment of Plug & Charge entails significant technological and organizational transformations for e-mobility stakeholders. Margaux Vandeville, Product Director, and Guillaume Allio, Plug & Charge consultant and training expert at Gireve, discuss the challenges and issues associated with this technology.

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What is Plug & Charge?

Plug & Charge simplifies the user experience by initiating charging as soon as the vehicle is plugged into the station, without requiring a badge, payment terminal, or mobile app. This system is based on the ISO 15118 standard and uses security certificates provided by charging operators (CPO), automotive manufacturers (OEM), and mobility operators (MSP or eMSP).

Deployment and Challenges of Plug & Charge

Although the technology has been available for several years, its adoption is still in its early stages. According to ChargeUp Europe, one in four CPOs has begun deployment, and two out of three plan to do so within the next two to three years. Challenges include the compatibility of charging stations and vehicles, necessary investments, and strategic decisions on infrastructure and certificate management.

Regulatory Initiatives and Governance

To ensure interoperability and avoid market fragmentation, European governance is essential. The Sustainable Transport Forum of the European Commission is working on proposals to ensure healthy competition. A delegated act project aims to define criteria for entities operating a PKI, with the creation of a European “certificate trust list.”

Voiture électrique en cours de recharge avec la technologie Plug & Charge

According to ChargeUp Europe, one in four CPOs has begun deployment, and two out of three plan to do so within the next two to three years.

Role of Gireve

Gireve is actively involved in European and national projects to structure the Plug & Charge market. We offer a comprehensive ecosystem including PKI services, a V2G root certification authority, and bundling and certificate signing services.

Coexistence with existing charging systems

Plug & Charge can coexist with RFID badge systems. Autocharge is simpler to deploy but offers less security than Plug & Charge, which provides a smooth and secure experience for all users.


Plug & Charge represents a crucial standard for the future of electric mobility. Gireve is committed to supporting market players in adopting this technology by offering end-to-end services to ensure maximum interoperability and security.

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