L'opérateur caribbéen EZdrive rejoint la plateforme d'itinérance GIREVE pour permettre à tout « électromobiliste » européen de profiter d’un service de recharge simple et solaire

Caribbean Operator Ezdrive Develops Its Roaming Network With Gireve

EZdrive is now one of GIREVE’s roaming network partners! A company created in 2018, EZdrive is the first solar network of EV charging stations in the Caribbean. Encouraged by Green Technologie , it acts as a collaborative network offering 100% decarbonated charging service. ZEdrive indeed ensures its own solar energy production in Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French Guiana. 2/3 of fossil fuel on this territory are used for transport and especially for individual vehicles.

With a will to accelerate energy transition on these territories, EZdrive develops a range of services designed to simplify as much as possible EV transition:

  • a network of charging points on the road and close to users’ points of interest (malls, businesses, touristic places, etc.)
  • A charging service including installation and maintenance of home and business charging
  • A mobile app EZ Drive for users to locate charging stations available and book to charge without waiting.

This new partnership with GIREVE enables any EV driver in Europe to benefit from a simple charging service when travelling in the Antilles and in French Guiana. EV drivers just need to book EZdrive charging stations closest to their itineraries, charge their vehicles and pay through their mobile apps.

It is also an opportunity for European users to enjoy 100% clean charging energy thanks to the sun from the Caribbean. When charging on EZdrive network, you can join a decarbonated and “empowered” community!

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