71,000 charging points open to the public in France according to the recharging barometer of AVERE France and the Ministry of Ecology based on Gireve data.

71,000 charging points in France – Sep 2022

On September 31st in 2022, there are 71,630 charging points open to the public in France. This represents an increase by +46% in the 12 past months. This barometer is produced by Avere-France and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, based on Gireve’s database. In fact, this corresponds to 106 charging points per 100,000 inhabitants on average in France.

Read the entire barometer on the Avere-France website (in French)

Our year-on-year growth rate (+46%) was stable from one month to the other. But target of 100,000 charging points, initially set by the Government for the end of 2022, should be reached at 75-80%. And it should also be noted that the share of fast charging continues to grow. It went through an increase of more than 80% over one year. At the same time, charging pointsquality of service (regardless of their power) is improving. According to the AFIREV’s Observatory on the quality of electric charging services available to the public, 75.7% of charging points operate 99% of the time.

Clément Molizon – General Secretary of Avere-France

Besides the infrastructure, registration continue to increase. As AVERE-France notes in its last registration barometer : “Approaching 21% market share last month, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle registrations grew by +19.5% compared to September 2021… this represents an increase of +10% versus the same period in 2021, and even… +395% compared to 2019, the benchmark year for the automotive market.” Read the registrations barometer.

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