White paper: intermediation for smart charging

Download our position paper on smart charging

The uptake of EV raises new challenges for energy players. How can they make sure that they will be productive enough to meet the growing consumption needs? How can they plan and control peak periods, especially in winter? Among those challenges, Gireve looks into intermediation for smart charging, and how a platform can help energy […]

E-Mobility data and consulting : visit GIREVE’s stand at move

Data et conseil pour la mobilité électrique: Visitez notre stand Gireve à MOVE

Meet our team in London this week! We will be welcoming you on stand 201. Learn more on Gireve at Move Gireve recently developed new consulting services and data insights & analytics, based on its team’s expertise and its unique knowledge of the EV charging market. As a digital platform hosting millions of charging sessions […]

62,000 charging points open to the public in France – June 2022

62 000 points de recharge ouverts au public en France d'après le baromètre de la recharge de l'AVERE France et du Ministère de l'écologie basé sur les données Gireve.

There are 62,000 charging points open and available to the public in France in June , 2022. This represents an increase by 51% over the 12 last months. This barometer was built for the Ministry of the Ecological Transition and by the AVERE-France, based on Gireve’s database. The deployment of the charging infrastructure goes on: […]

Facing power peaks: Gireve’s use cases on large-scale scenarios

As the proportion of EVs on European streets increases, the flexibility reserve represented by the sum of their batteries when parked increases, becoming very relevant for the functioning of the electricity systems. Such a reserve of flexibility could then for instance be mobilised in the future both to support national or even local peaks in […]

New training on French grant Advenir

Gireve a développé une nouvelle formation pour les acteurs de la mobilité électrique, pour les aider à obtenir la subvention Advenir.

Advenir, the main electromobility grant program in France, is managed by AVERE, the French association for emobility development. The program is extended until 2025 with an additional funding of 200 million. Its last goal is to support the implementation of 65,000 charging points, of which 22,500 open to the public. GIREVE collaborates with this program by providing interoperability services and […]

E-mobility: what are the essential trainings to understand the market?

The e-mobility market is composed of lots of different profiles: Operators, consulting firms, installers, architects, manager of electric fleets, charging stations… GIREVE develops training modules adapted to the different needs of each type of profile. Which position would be best for you in the e-mobility value chain? What price should you establish for your charging […]

May 2022: 60,040 charging points available in France

Ce baromètre commun à l’Avere-France et au Ministère de la Transition écologique, sur la base des données de GIREVE, permet tous les mois d’avoir une publication de référence sur le nombre de points de recharge ouverts au public en France et leur répartition, que ce soit en termes de puissance ou de localisation, avec notamment des indicateurs par régions

France crossed the 60K charging point threshold at the end of April. This represents a 55% increase over the last 12 months and shows the country’s involvement on charging point development. As of today, there is an average of 105 charging points for 1,000 100% EV. Since the beginning of the year, 2,198 new charging […]

Roaming in Europe – May 2022

Au 1er mai 2022, GIREVE comptabilise 184 000 points de recharge connectés à sa plateforme, ouverts au public et à l'itinérance.

184,000 EV charging points are connected to Gireve’s roaming platform as of May, 2022. Check the detail for each country in Europe.

eRoaming: conveniently connected – the “smart” way of charging

e-roaming: conveniently connected - the smart way of charging

Gireve joined the EV Charging infrastructure association ChargeUp Europe in a position paper stressing that roaming should be an important part of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), a European regulation that will shape public electric vehicle charging in Europe for the next decade.   Click here to read ChargeUp’s position paper.    Following this publication, ChargeUp Europe released […]

Bump simplifies charging with Gireve

Bump simplifie la recharge avec GIREVE

Bump is an EV charging operator created in April, 2021.   The company offers a turnkey charging solution by developing high power charging station, that people can book on public sites, and by installing private infrastructure on its clients’ sites. The company aims at installing 10 fast-charging stations in Paris in 2022, as well as in the main French […]

Q8 expands charging opportunities for EV drivers by joining Gireve

Q8, acteur majeur sur le marché belge des combustibles et de la mobilité, élargit son offre de recharge avec GIREVE.

Q8, one of the largest fuel and Mobility players in the Benelux, is enlarging its European charging network for Q8 & Tango electric-users with no less than 30.000 charging stations by joining GIREVE. This is a great next step for Q8 in becoming a sustainable Mobility player. Q8 launched its charging service Q8 & Tango […]

ChargeUp position paper: including EV roaming in AFIR

download our position paper to learn why roaming should be included in AFIR

GIREVE is a member of ChargeUp Europe, the voice of the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure industry. ChargeUp works towards an expeditious and effortless rollout of EV charging infrastructure in Europe. The association published a position paper explaining why roaming should be a major part in AFIR.   The Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) will shape public […]

Wenea and Gireve team up to improve EV traveling in Spain

Wenea and Gireve team up to improve EV traveling in Spain

Read the Press Release Paris, Barcelona, Feb. 2022 – Wenea offers integrated charging services for electric vehicles that operates both on the public and private network. The operator partnered with GIREVE to connect all publicly accessible charging stations to the roaming platform for better visibility and accessibility. This new partnership will offer greater charging opportunities on Wenea’s […]

Webinar Gireve 5 Replay – Data to develop your EV business

How to create a development strategy from data on charging point usage? Which data can you rely on?  All players of the ecosystem are driven towards innovation, whether on EV driver charging experience, EVSE cost management or grid resilience. Data on e-mobility are growing but are still limited compared to other fieds of activity. Our […]

Evision 2022 Replay – accelerating customer acceptance

La session était centrée sur la façon, pour les entités publiques et les entreprises privées, d'assurer une expérience de recharge fluide aux conducteurs de véhicules électriques.

Our CEO was live last February 9th, 2022 on session 5 to talk about accelerating customer acceptance with several key players from emobility. The session entirely focused on how the public (local authorities) and private companies can ensure a seamless customer experience when using/recharging EVs. Panel debate moderated by Urska Skrt, Manager Mobility, World Business Council for Sustainable […]

Be Cablé joins Gireve to facilitate EV charging

En se connectant à la plateforme digitale GIREVE, Be Cablé permet aux propriétaires de véhicules électriques de se recharger avec leur carte habituelle.

Be Cablé is a French EV charging point manager and green solutions provider. The company operates EVBox’s Ultroniq ultra-fast chargers, managed by Bouygues Energies & Services for CGR cinemas. Be Cablé offers a turnkey solution for private and public actors, ensuring them the implementation, management, and maintenance of the infrastructure. By getting connected to GIREVE’s digital platform, Be Cablé makes […]

Webinar 5 – Data Analysis to develop your business

In this webinar, our e-mobility manager Magdalena Thurin will show you how to develop the data architecture of e-mobility, while imagining how data can be used for client and product innovation.

How to create a development strategy from data on charging point usage? Which data can you rely on?  All players of the ecosystem are driven towards innovation, whether on EV driver charging experience, EVSE cost management or grid resilience. Data on e-mobility are growing but are still limited compared to other fieds of activity. In […]