Allego and GIREVE open 12,000 charging points

Allego and  GIREVE have signed a partnership to give  GIREVE customers access to the Allego charging infrastructure.

French network Rhône-Lez-Provence joins GIREVE

Users from other mobility solutions can now  access the network to charge their EV cars, provided their operator has signed a contract with the Communauté de Communes on the Connect Place.

ServiceHouse joins GIREVE to extend its charge coverage

ServiceHouse is an innovative company based in the Netherlands, offering services in the fields of sustainable energy and mobility. Among their products, ServiceHouse develops a charging pass for EV cars.

The French Vallée des Baux-Alpilles connects to GIREVE

In the beginning of November, CCBVA (a French territory that gathers several communes) joined GIREVE's platform to open its charging points to roaming.

Dutch company Vandebron connects to GIREVE

An energy provider involved in sustainable energy, Vandebron also offers e-mobility services for EV drivers.

Saint-Louis Agglomération open its charging points with GIREVE

Last Monday, the French Communauté d’agglomération Saint-Louis joined GIREVE’s platform, opening its charging network Izyborne to e-mobility operators.