GIREVE consolidates its position in the UK with Franklin Energy

Leading electric vehicle charging technology company, Franklin Energy, joined GIREVE’s roaming platform to open its network to roaming.

The French CAPVM charging network joins GIREVE’s platform

The CAPVM got connected to GIREVE, to make its network accessible to EV drivers using charging badges and mobile apps in partnership with the network.

GIREVE connects EASYTRIP to its platform with OCPI

This summer, the e-mobility service provider EASYTRIP connected is KiWhi Pass® solution to GIREVE's platform using the OCPI protocol to enlarge its charging network for its European customers. 
Figure 1: Kick off meeting of the OCPI Management Board. From left to right: Elbert Lievense (E.ON), Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer (E.ON), Arnaud Mora (Freshmile), Kor Meelker (Allego), Onno Ceelen (EVBox), Roland Ferwerda (NKL), Michel Bayings (NKL), Jean-Marc Rives (GIREVE), Jacob van Zonneveld (Plugsurfing)

A collaboration to set up formal OCPI Management Organization

All members share the common goal to accelerate EV roaming in a sustainable manner by making use of the independent open protocol OCPI.

A new project for Cross-border and Smart Charging

on July 4th, GIREVE joined the event EVRoaming4EU organised by NKL for Smart Charging and Cross-Border issues.

Electromaps extends its charge network with GIREVE

Barcelona and Paris. ELECTROMAPS, the e-mobility service provider in Spain and Portugal just finished its integration to GIREVE, the French interoperability platform.

MOVE Mobility SA joins GIREVE’s network

MOVE Mobility just signed an agreement with GIREVE this Monday to benefit from BOOST and OPEN services. MOVE Mobility thus develops its service to its users.