Charge Point Operator Park’n Plug joins GIREVE’s platform

Park’n Plug just got connected to GIREVE’s interoperability platform to open its charging network to new users.

French town of Montrouge gets its network connected to GIREVE

the town of Montrouge got its charging point network connected to the roaming platform to widen access to charging.

ZEPHYRE charging point network joins GIREVE’s platform

ZEPHYRE chose GIREVE roaming platform to open its public charging points to roaming.

GIREVE consolidates its position in the UK with Franklin Energy

Leading electric vehicle charging technology company, Franklin Energy, joined GIREVE’s roaming platform to open its network to roaming.

Allego and GIREVE open 12,000 charging points

Allego and  GIREVE have signed a partnership to give  GIREVE customers access to the Allego charging infrastructure.

Optimile makes its network interoperable with GIREVE

Optimile company got connected to GIREVE to make its clients’ charging point networks interoperable and open to roaming.

French SMED 13 gets its charging points connected to GIREVE

The network is part of the bigger French network called SIMONE, which was created by several key players to offer e-mobility service in the territory of the Bouches-du-Rhône.

French network SEV joins GIREVE’s platform

By joining the platform, the SEV enables third party operators to access its charging network if the operators signed a contract online through GIREVE's Connect Place.

French network Rhône-Lez-Provence joins GIREVE

Users from other mobility solutions can now  access the network to charge their EV cars, provided their operator has signed a contract with the Communauté de Communes on the Connect Place.

The French Vallée des Baux-Alpilles connects to GIREVE

In the beginning of November, CCBVA (a French territory that gathers several communes) joined GIREVE's platform to open its charging points to roaming.