SAP Labs France joins GIREVE’s platform

SAP Labs France company connected to GIREVE’s platform to increase visibility of its French charging network.

The French Vallée des Baux-Alpilles connects to GIREVE

In the beginning of November, CCBVA (a French territory that gathers several communes) joined GIREVE's platform to open its charging points to roaming.

The French CAPVM charging network joins GIREVE’s platform

The CAPVM got connected to GIREVE, to make its network accessible to EV drivers using charging badges and mobile apps in partnership with the network.

GIREVE is part of the NeMo project to develop e-mobility

NeMo is a major European project for e-mobility development. It gathers 19 partners from different sectors : universities and research institutes, car industry, roaming platforms, software editors, e-mobility service providers, energy suppliers, government authorities, European associations…

GIREVE connects EASYTRIP to its platform with OCPI

This summer, the e-mobility service provider EASYTRIP connected is KiWhi Pass® solution to GIREVE's platform using the OCPI protocol to enlarge its charging network for its European customers. 

A new project for Cross-border and Smart Charging

on July 4th, GIREVE joined the event EVRoaming4EU organised by NKL for Smart Charging and Cross-Border issues.

Dutch company Vandebron connects to GIREVE

An energy provider involved in sustainable energy, Vandebron also offers e-mobility services for EV drivers.

Electromaps extends its charge network with GIREVE

Barcelona and Paris. ELECTROMAPS, the e-mobility service provider in Spain and Portugal just finished its integration to GIREVE, the French interoperability platform.

Wirelane joins GIREVE’s roaming network

Wirelane’s teams met in GIREVE’s office this Monday to sign the connection agreement between the e-mobility service provider and the roaming platform.

Saint-Louis Agglomération open its charging points with GIREVE

Last Monday, the French Communauté d’agglomération Saint-Louis joined GIREVE’s platform, opening its charging network Izyborne to e-mobility operators.