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Charge4Go in connected to GIREVE's plateform

Nordic eMSP Charge4Go joins GIREVE’s platform to offer Europe-wide roaming

With a focus on the end customer experience and an objective to simplify charging through partnerships between e-mobility players, Charge4Go got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform to extend charging opportunities on its app in Europe.Charge4Go…
Jean-Marc Rives, CTO of GIREVE's roaming platform, talks about EVRoaming foundation and OCPI protocol

GIREVE joins the EV Roaming Foundation

GIREVE has become a Full Contributor of the EV Roaming Foundation, an organisation that comprises the board of the OCPI protocol.

GIREVE’s Messaging service: 3 questions to Margaux Vandeville

A messaging service is now available on GIREVE’s interoperability platform. Mobility operators can discuss before signing a roaming agreement.

E-mobility operators can now settle disputes with GIREVE

To meet its users’ needs, GIREVE makes it now possible for operators to deal with their disagreements before invoicing.

Why go through a platform to enable EV charging?

GIREVE's CEO Bruno Lebrun and its CTO Jean-Marc Rives explain how important a platform is to foster e-mobility rollout.
comparison incoming and outgoing flows

GIREVE helps improve operators’ services levels

GIREVE reinforced its tools to control data coherence sent by its partners.

GIREVE contributes to a state-backed website for e-mobility

The AVERE France and its partners launched the website with the French Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

GIREVE simplifies operators’ invoicing processes

At the end of 2018, GIREVE’s interoperability platform launched its invoicing-related services for e-mobility operators. Jean-Marc Rives, GIREVE’s CTO, explains the available features, the first feedbacks and potential evolutions.
plug and charge demo at EVS 32 with GIREVE, Trialog, Vedecom, Renault

GIREVE contributes to Plug-and-Charge development

Plug your EV and the charge will start! No more badge or app! This is made possible with the new 15-118 protocol. GIREVE explains Plug-and-Charge, how it will affect cybersecurity, and the services this new standard will enable.

Why public charging networks need to be open to roaming?

If charging an EV is too complicated, too inconvenient, or doesn’t sufficiently benefits to customers, then consumers will not engage.