250 charging points selected for smart charging project aVEnir

The aVEnir project has selected 250 charging point to experiment on.
logo aVEnir projet Groupe Renault, Groupe PSA, Schneider Electric, Total EV Charge, Groupe EDF (filiale IZIVIA), Dreev, GIREVE, Trialog, Electric 55 Charging, Université Grenoble Alpes, Aix Marseille Université

GIREVE collaborates with 11 partners to develop e-mobility

11 partners join Enedis’s aVEnir project, to foster e-mobility rollout on a massive scale
plug and charge demo at EVS 32 with GIREVE, Trialog, Vedecom, Renault

GIREVE contributes to Plug-and-Charge development

Plug your EV and the charge will start! No more badge or app! This is made possible with the new 15-118 protocol. GIREVE explains Plug-and-Charge, how it will affect cybersecurity, and the services this new standard will enable.

GIREVE is part of the NeMo project to develop e-mobility

NeMo is a major European project for e-mobility development. It gathers 19 partners from different sectors : universities and research institutes, car industry, roaming platforms, software editors, e-mobility service providers, energy suppliers, government authorities, European associations…

A new project for Cross-border and Smart Charging

on July 4th, GIREVE joined the event EVRoaming4EU organised by NKL for Smart Charging and Cross-Border issues.

GIREVE is a partner of the GREENFEED project

GIREVE is an associate partner of GREENFEED project Greenfeed project was launched in 2013. It offers all e-mobility players "a set of interoperable and universal software and hardware solutions for charging electric vehicles" GIREVE joined…