Charge4Europe choisit la plateforme d'itinérance GIREVE pour enrichir son offre de recharge

Charge4Europe chooses GIREVE to extend its charging offers

Major network aggregator Charge4Europe got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform, giving EV drivers access to charging on GIREVE’s already connected networks

Leading network in Croatia opens to roaming with GIREVE

Market leader Hrvatski Telekom established connection of its charging network to GIREVE’s roaming platform
région hauts de france et gireve

Northern France charging network opens to all EV drivers

By connecting to GIREVE’s roaming platform, Pass pass électrique opens to roaming new charging points via GIREVE.

ETREL and GIREVE join up to provide roaming

Slovenian CPMS provider Etrel integrated its charging management software OCEAN to GIREVE’s roaming platform

Mobiliti and GIREVE partner up to open roaming in Hungary

The Hungarian company NKM Mobilitás Ltd., brand name Mobiliti got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform, opening up its network of charging points.

Greenspot enables roaming on its network

GREENSPOT got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform to enable EV drivers access to its network

New French departments enable roaming on their networks

With this connection, SDEI and SDEER networks will send their data to GIREVE and thus enable charging for EV drivers subscribers to other operators.

EVConnect opens EV charging in Romania

Romanian network of charging points EVConnect got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform, opening its charging points to eMSP. EVConnect is the first network of EVCharge in Central and Eastern Europe.

German network chargeIT expands its charging services

chargeIT mobility GmbH got connected to the roaming platform GIREVE, opening its network of charging points to GIREVE’s e-Mobility Service Provider partners.

French Riviera opens its charging points to roaming

The French Communauté d’agglomération de la Riviera Française (C.A.R.F.) joined GIREVE’s platform to give its charging network more visibility