Why public charging networks need to be open to roaming?

If charging an EV is too complicated, too inconvenient, or doesn’t sufficiently benefits to customers, then consumers will not engage.

New features on the Connect Place

In 2018, GIREVE’s team improved its Connect Place, a web platform where e-mobility and charging point operators meet.

Overview of new services from 2018

In 2018, GIREVE developed new services on its platform, enabling connected operators to enhance their offer for EV drivers.

They joined us using the OCPI protocol

GIREVE's platform is now compatible to the OCPI protocol, the second protocol it uses after eMIP, the free and open protocol it developed.

GIREVE facilitates B2B invoicing of EV charging in roaming situations

With the launch of its new service BOOST! Clearing, GIREVE aims at answering client demand, helping them improve their service quality and productivity to the benefit of electric vehicle drivers.

GIREVE enables charging point booking in its roaming platform

In 2019 GIREVE officially launches a booking service on its platform. This will enable its clients, both charging point and e-mobility operators, to manage charging point booking, to the benefit of EV drivers.

Interview of Bruno Lebrun, GIREVE’s president

"Our platform is free for any charge point operator"