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Webinar #3 – Roaming, an opportunity for your company?

CPO and eMSP, discover our solutions for electric mobility roaming!   Thanks to GIREVE, Charging Point Operators become visible and ensure the profitability of their installations, and e-Mobility Service Providers enrich their service offers. Roaming offers many advantages to electric mobility actors and facilitates the uses for the drivers. In this webinar, we will review […]

33,363 charging points open to the public in France.

  As of May 1, 2021, France had 33,363 charging points open to the public, an increase of +7% compared to our previous barometer (February 2021). While this increase marks a slight upturn in deployments compared to 2020, an acceleration seems increasingly necessary given the deteriorating ratios of the number of vehicles per charging point. […]

Nordic eMSP Charge4Go joins GIREVE’s platform to offer Europe-wide roaming

With a focus on the end customer experience and an objective to simplify charging through partnerships between e-mobility players, Charge4Go got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform to extend charging opportunities on its app in Europe. Charge4Go is an independent e-mobility service provider based in Stockholm with a local focus and presence on the Nordic market. […]