LAFON, a company that develops a charge network through its PULSE service, joined GIREVE’s network yesterday to make its charge points interoperable and open to roaming.

With GIREVE’s OPEN service, charge points of LAFON will be able to give charge to EV-drivers coming from multiple e-mobility operators.


LAFON Technologies is a French manufacturer specialised in petroleum sector equipment who sees electrical vehicles as a natural extension of its business. LAFON has used its industrial expertise and innovation capability to develop high technology products that meet the new needs of the electro-mobility market.

The Pulse trademark is owned by LAFON Technologies, the French leader in petroleum service stations reputed for its know-how in the fields of distribution, payment and cloud based management systems.



Benefitting from a strong growth since its creation in 2013 by major players of electric mobility Renault, Enedis, the Caisse des depots and CNR, GIREVE is now playing a central role in the digital transformation of electric mobility in Europe. Its development is increasing further with the arrival of the Fond de Modernisation Ecologique des Transports (FMET) dedicated to investing in infrastructures that contribute to the ecological modernisation of transportation.

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