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Paris, Barcelona, Feb. 2022 – Wenea offers integrated charging services for electric vehicles that operates both on the public and private network. The operator partnered with GIREVE to connect all publicly accessible charging stations to the roaming platform for better visibility and accessibility.

This new partnership will offer greater charging opportunities on Wenea’s platform. More than 165,000 charging points are open to roaming via Gireve and could be added to Wenea’s charging offer. Wenea will also add its charging network to GIREVE’s roaming platform for all EV drivers looking for charging points in Spain. Wenea’s network of more than 300 public charging points will be opened to roaming with GIREVE, enhancing EV charging experience and helping EV drivers charge and continue with their journeys without long waits.

Wenea and Gireve team up to improve EV traveling in Spain

With this partnership, the goal is to enable EV drivers to charge whenever they need to and wherever they are, using one single application or badge.

“Thanks to the agreement with Gireve, Wenea users will be able to access a large number of charging stations throughout the European territory using our platform.” declared the CEO of Wenea, Alberto Cantero.