Anywhere Charging And Gireve Team Up For Roaming

UK-based e-MSP (e-Mobility Service Provider)  Anywhere Charging joined GIREVE’s roaming platform to give its customers more opportunities to charge their cars. GIREVE is already connected to hundreds of charging point networks across Europe. Getting connected to GIREVE will enable  Anywhere Charging to give its EV driver subscribers access to more than 90,000 charging points.

“The whole process from start to finish was transparent and seamless. The team at GIREVE are absolutely fantastic. As an e-MSP we understand the importance of roaming and it is for this reason that GIREVE appealed to us from the beginning. We both share a common goal in ensuring that customers who enter the world of the E.V. are granted the ability to roam freely across the UK & Europe in their vehicles without any battery charging restrictions” Yasin Doumari, CEO of Anywhere Charging

Founded in 2020 by two specialists within the automotive industry,  Anywhere Charging was born from listening to customer feedback and taking onboard their growing concerns over E.V. ownership. Its solution has been specifically tailored to ensure customers are provided with a smooth and painless transition into the world of electric & plug-in hybrid vehicles. Willing to grant its users the freedom of intermobility, Anywhere Charging joined GIREVE’s roaming platform to enhance its services and offer a first answer to range anxiety.

“As the leading EV charging roaming platform in the European market, GIREVE advocates roaming and interoperability which nurture the growth of innovative companies like Anywhere Charging. While many players are positioning themselves as e-Mobility Service Providers in the UK, we are glad to work with Anywhere Charging who acts swiftly and with agility. We look forward to working with Anywhere Charging to grow and expand their business together.” Jingjing Ma, Business Development Manager, GIREVE

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