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Mobility is changing fast, facing the emergency of the environmental crisis and adapting to users’ needs of increasingly personalised services.
To anticipate future evolutions, to meet users’ new needs and accelerate the transformation of the whole automotive industry, it is necessary for all players to be interconnected and be able to anticipate new behaviours.
As a European leader of intermediation for new mobilities, Gireve develops tools and services to support its clients’ evolution and build a sustainable and innovative mobility for everyone.


monthly transactions


Operators connected

470 000

Charging points in our database

10 000

agreements signed via Gireve

Boost your business

We help you successfully penetrate a new market, develop your activity or create a relevant strategy based on the evolution of the ecosystem and of mobility behaviours.

Simplify user experience

We make it easy and secure for you to exchange with your partners, offering the end user a smooth and seamless end-user experience.

Get connected to the ecosystem in a single click

We facilitate partner connections to make it possible for any player to extend its services easily.

Secure your transactions

We use encryption technologies to ensure data protection and safety of exchanges.

Prepare the mobility of tomorrow


By combining market place technology, transaction processing and data management, Gireve is the first B2B digital platform for EV Charging with the greatest charging point coverage in Europe.

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