Maingau Energie – Einfachstromladen Start Their Cooperation With Gireve

MAINGAU est connecté à la plateforme d’itinérance de GIREVE en tant qu'eMSP pour ouvrir de nouveaux réseaux de recharge à ses abonnés.

MAINGAU is now connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform as e-Mobility Service Provider to open new charging networks for its EV driver subscribers. With GIREVE as a new partner, MAINGAU Energie continues to work on expanding the availability for customers and thus making electromobility easy across Europe. More than 70.000 customers already rely on EinfachStromLaden and can activate over […]

Gireve joins the EV roaming foundation

Jean-Marc Rives, CTO de la plateforme d'itinérance de GIREVE, parle de l'EVRoaming foundation et du protocole OCPI

GIREVE joins the EV Roaming Foundation this year as a Full contributor. The EV Roaming Foundation is an organisation that comprises the board of the OCPI protocol. Since 2018, GIREVE has been compliant with two open protocols for the connection of operators to its platform: the eMIP protocol that GIREVE created, and the OCPI protocol. Data cleansing, partner alerting in case of […]