French Pays Rethélois Opens To E-Roaming In France

The French Communauté de Communes du Pays Rethélois just joined GIREVE’s platform to make its charging network interoperable and open to roaming. Until now, the organisation’s charging points could only be accessed with a credit card or through the operator’s website, Clem. By connecting to GIREVE, the Communauté de Communes opens its stations to third […]

Poland Opens To Roaming With Ev +

EV + just joined GIREVE’s platform to open its network to roaming. EV + offers a complete service from project building to charging infrastructure implementation. Its mission is to build the largest EV charging network in Poland. As of today, EV + operates 32 charging stations that provide EV drivers with 70 quick and semi-fast charging points. Moreover, […]

Justplugin Opens New Networks Of Charge To Its Ev Drivers

The Dutch e-Mobility Service Provider got connected to GIREVE to enhance its services to its 2000  EV-driver subscribers. “Justplugin has partnered with GIREVE’s platform because it enables the customers of Justplugin to charge whenever wherever. International roaming is key to create a user-friendly product for the EV driver. The team from GIREVE were very helpful in […]

New French Network Modulo Joins Gireve’s Platform

A common initiative from the French SIEIL (Syndicat Intercommunal d’Energie d’Indre-et-Loire) and SIDELC (Syndicat Intercommunal de Distribution d’Energie de Loir-et-Cher), Modulo is a public network of EV charging points that was implemented at the end of 2018. MODULO company was created to develop e-mobility services on the territory, and it aims at welcoming all public […]

Gireve Expands In Ireland With

By joining GIREVE, the network opens its charging points to roaming, enabling access to new users. is a Charging Point Operator that specializes in the supply and installation of Electric Car Chargers across the Island of Ireland and partners include Aldi, An Post, Lidl, Supermacs, SuperValu, Tesco and motorway services. The operator got […]